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      GTL Media, Inc. is a localization company specializing in interactive entertainment. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, but we utilize a global network of linguistic experts and dubbing professionals to localize projects to over 40 different languages and dialects. Founded by veterans of the video game, localization, and quality assurance industries, GTL Media provides one-stop-shop solutions to triple-a publishers and developers at extremely competitive rates.



Fast, affordable and specialized; GTL Media naturalizes text to more than 40 different languages.



Our global network of actors and directors are specialized in the unique challenges of interactive entertainment dubbing.



We’ll catch and report any potential bugs before your players do, whether it’s functionality, compliance or linguistic.


Project Management

Our highly-trained project managers will utilize their years of experience in the game industry to guide you and your title through all phases of the localization process.




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GTL MEdia employs a 2-Phase Translation process using the latest in CAT technology to ensure that your projects are not only translated accurately, but that the tone of all localized text is naturalized to meet the expectations of your target audience. During our quality control phase, we make sure that all translations are appropriate for the genre of the product and the region it is being localized for.


GTL Has the capabilities of working in several different mediums, providing your localized text in whatever format you require.


GTL Media can work in any document, whether it be plain text, stylized text, rich text or formatted text. We can handle the more bais DOC, RTF, or TXT file formats, or more advanced formats such as PDF, and XML.


All GTL Media team members are trained to work in spreadsheet formats such as Microsoft Excel, and are experienced in using various localization macros which either limit line lengths or character counts.


For webpage file formats such as HTML and PHP, GTL Media utilizes cutting edge CAT software that helps to preserve and maintain all code while our linguistic experts focus on providing you with the highest level of localized text.

Desktop Publishing

GTL Media also offers Desktop publishing services which not only provide expert translations for materials such as manual, box art and marketing, but also employ the skills of graphic design artists who rebuild your machine files with the localized text to provide a one-stop solutions


Team Selection

The first and most important part of any translation process is team selection. GTL not only tests and scores its translators by their linguistic abilities, but also rates their game knowledge by both popular genres and platforms. Our project managers make sure that the team members selected are highly knowledgeable in the subject matter of your project.

2-Phase Translation Process

Translation- Always done in-territory to ensure up-to-date knowledge of local dialects. QC- Full text review by linguistic experts and veterans of the interactive game localization industry.


Our project managers will work with your producers to customize a milestone schedule and help provide visibility and real-time updates on the progress and status of the localized material


  • GTL can translate to over 40 languages, with the primary focus on the major dialects used in gaming.
    • Europe

French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and UK English.

    • Eastern Europe

Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian Austrian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

    • Scandinavian

Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic

    • Americas

French Canadian, Latin American Spanish (various dialects), Brazilian Portuguese, and US English

    • Asia

Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin and Simplified), Korean, Japanese and Malay.

    • Africa and Middle East

Farsi, Arabic, and Swahili



Sounding off

GTL Media works with the best sound engineers and directors in the industry, and has access to the largest global network of professional voice over actors. Since we specialize in interactive entertainment, we are the most cost-effect solution for tripple-a publishers and developers.

Script Adaptation

It’s important that voice over recording scripts get translated accurately, both for context, tone and that they are also adapted and prepared for the actual recording session. GTL Meida will adapt any localized script to ensure that the dialogue is in a proper multilingual recording script format and that all information, such as scene headings, file names, speaking characters, context and direction are all present and accurate. Localized scripts should accurately reflect the Source Language audio provided and naming conventions will e maintained accurately. The length of the translated dialogue is appropriate based on any timing constraints – any necessary minor adjustment are made to the translated text to account for lip synchronization.

Talent and Direction

Whether you wish to bring in celebrity talent, certified studio talent, or cast a project from scratch, GTL Media has access to the largest pools of voice over recording talent in all major territories. We’re able to negotiate pricing with talent agents, coordinate with any unions, and provide casting samples rapidly through our vast database of voices, or bring in talent for live casting sessions, depending on the demands of your project.

Our in-territory are directors manage your recording from pre-production phase to the final delivery not only to ensure that tone, tempo and delivery perfectly matches your expectations, but also to make sure that all recording are done in a time-efficient manner that,ultimately, saves you money.


Our world-class sound engineers verify that all time constrains and lip synchronization have been adhered to in order to save you both time and money when it comes to implement the localized voice tracks and testing localized versions.

While the standard naming, converting and normalizing is done for each and every track, following your technical specifications exactly, GTL’s engineers are also highly experience with creating final mixes and implement Music and Effects tracks.



Making the grade

whether you need Linguistic Testing services on localized builds, or Functionality and Compliance support to prepare the first party submissions, GTL Media can manage any of your testing needs for all major consoles, handheld and mobile devices.


GTL uses a two-phase process by first recording the entire game play of each localized build, and then having language experts review the captured game play, providing our clients with lower overall costs and a more comprehensive review.

Phase 1- recording

Builds are received from the client and a comprehensive walkthrough is generated based on the game build and other materials received from the client (string lists, GDD, walkthroughs, etc.)

Recording team is assembled based on platform and genre knowledge

Game recorders play through the entire walkthrough, recording all content and reporting any progression issues.

Comprehensive play-through footage is edited down to remove repetitive content and then embedded in GTL’s secure viewing website.

Phase 2 – Review

In-territory linguistic experts use unique logins to access GTL’s securing viewing website and begin analyzing all on-screen text and in-game audio

Daily bug reports are collated by testing team leaders and verified that all required information is present.

Verified and approved bugs are entered into client’s bug database or provided as a report, per the client’s preference.

With our Record/Review method, we ensure that all issues present in a build are reported in a single sweep of the game. For most projects, a single sweep followed by a bug fix verification pass, in which our testors review an approved build and verify that all reported issues have been correct, is all that is required. A second full Record/Review sweet is only suggested when an excessive number of bugs are found in the initial build.


GTL uses industry professionals to scour the landscape of your game in search of all possible bugs, glitches and crashes, whether they are considered critical or cosmetic. Our process for functionality testing is always customized with an individual test plan once an initial build is received. The following is always provided with each functionality testing project:

  • Customized test plan and checklist
  • level balancing and game-play analysis
  • daily progress reports

All functional testing is managed in-house. GTL Media can provide functionality support for the following platforms:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii/ WiiU
Playstation 3/4
Sony PSP / Vita
Xbox 360/ One

Please contact us if you would like a customized milestone schedule and cost estimate based on any details for upcoming projects.


GTL Media works in coordination with local first-party certified testing partners to handle compliance testing for the following platforms:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii/ WiiU
Playstation 3/4
Sony PSP / Vita
Xbox 360/ One

Please contact us if you would like a customized milestone schedule and cost estimate based on any details for upcoming projects.


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We are constantly hiring experience native-speaking translators in any and all languages. You will be working with primarily console (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) based games. You will be localize the in-game text as well as the recording scripts for any voice-over work.

Please send your resumes if you want to work on today’s hottest games to:


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